Enumeration ScryptedDeviceType

Enumeration Members

Builtin: "Builtin"
Camera: "Camera"
Fan: "Fan"
Light: "Light"
Switch: "Switch"
Outlet: "Outlet"
Sensor: "Sensor"
Scene: "Scene"
Program: "Program"
Automation: "Automation"
Vacuum: "Vacuum"
Notifier: "Notifier"
Thermostat: "Thermostat"
Lock: "Lock"
PasswordControl: "PasswordControl"
Display: "Display"

Displays have audio and video output.

SmartDisplay: "SmartDisplay"

Smart Displays have two way audio and video.

Speaker: "Speaker"
SmartSpeaker: "SmartSpeaker"

Smart Speakers have two way audio.

Event: "Event"
Entry: "Entry"
Garage: "Garage"
DeviceProvider: "DeviceProvider"
DataSource: "DataSource"
Doorbell: "Doorbell"
Irrigation: "Irrigation"
Valve: "Valve"
Person: "Person"
SecuritySystem: "SecuritySystem"
Unknown: "Unknown"

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