Interface RequestMediaStreamOptions

Options passed to VideoCamera.getVideoStream to request specific media formats. The audio/video properties may be omitted to indicate no audio/video is available when calling getVideoStreamOptions or no audio/video is requested when calling getVideoStream.



id?: string
name?: string
prebuffer?: number

Prebuffer time in milliseconds.

prebufferBytes?: number

Prebuffer size in bytes.

container?: string

The container type of this stream, ie: mp4, mpegts, rtsp.

metadata?: any

Stream specific metadata.

The tool was used to write the container or will be used to read teh container. Ie, scrypted, the ffmpeg tools, gstreamer.

directMediaStream?: boolean

When retrieving media, setting disableMediaProxies=true will bypass any intermediaries (NVR, rebroadcast) and retrieve it directly from the source. This is useful in cases when peer to peer connections are possible and preferred, such as WebRTC.

refresh?: boolean

Specify the stream refresh behavior when this stream is requested. Use case is primarily for perioidic snapshot of streams while they are active.



The intended destination for this media stream. May be used as a hint to determine which main/substream to send if no id is explicitly provided.

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