Interface ResponseMediaStreamOptions

Options passed to VideoCamera.getVideoStream to request specific media formats. The audio/video properties may be omitted to indicate no audio/video is available when calling getVideoStreamOptions or no audio/video is requested when calling getVideoStream.



name?: string
prebuffer?: number

Prebuffer time in milliseconds.

prebufferBytes?: number

Prebuffer size in bytes.

container?: string

The container type of this stream, ie: mp4, mpegts, rtsp.

metadata?: any

Stream specific metadata.

The tool was used to write the container or will be used to read teh container. Ie, scrypted, the ffmpeg tools, gstreamer.

id: string
refreshAt?: number

The time in milliseconds that this stream must be refreshed again via a call to getVideoStream.

userConfigurable?: boolean
sdp?: string
oobCodecParameters?: boolean

The stream's codec parameters are not contained in the stream and are available out of band via another mechanism such as the SDP.

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